Reclaim Your Reputation (RYR) offers your family a "re-set".  A parent or parents will hire RYR to bring extensive expertise and offer a new perspective to your teen. Genie Sockel, in the video above and pictured to the left, has coached professionals to make better behavioral choices and save their careers for the last 17 years.  These professionals consistently wished that someone had intervened sooner in their lives and that, combined with her own experience as a parent, inspired the creation of RYR.  We are here to help families feel stronger, avoid suspension or expulsion, and take all corrective steps to launch bright futures from middle school through first jobs.

Why RYR?

   Let's help them learn to protect their reputation.

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​         After this training, I'll be better able to learn and focus more about my career in the future."  
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 -Mohamed, 9th Grade


Genie Sockel, Founder & Lead Coach

With kids who are now 18 and 16, Genie sees the challenge of preparing young adults to assess risk, make good decisions, and resist the urge to bully and exclude.  Students today are seeing that their momentary impulses have long term ramifications.  Prank stealing political signs from a neighbor's yard, telling highly offensive jokes as a newly accepted student at an elite college, or missing the offensive implication of a Halloween costume on a college campus are recent examples of kids misbehaving and facing serious consequences.  Parents don't feel they can get through to their children.  At the same time, communities typically fight bullying by condemning the bully and his/her parents without compassion. 

For the last two years, Genie has met with local high schools and colleges to identify preventative and corrective measures that engages our students today to raise their awareness of personal blindspots and practice better ways to interact and create community.  Reclaim Your Reputation was recently featured in Voyage ATL article below.


It's heartbreaking to watch helplessly as your beloved son or daughter risks a bright future for a momentary laugh today.   Your teen ignores your warnings and uses inappropriate language, racial slurs, or tells sexual jokes either mindlessly or with reckless abandon.  They may not seem to care about their reputation, but you do.  You care, you worry but you haven't been able to turn them around.  Your energy is drained, your home is not tranquil, and your work is suffering.   It seems like you could use a hand.  Some families have an aunt, uncle, or helpful soccer coach who mentors their teen. If you don't have that resource, bring in a new face -  a coach with teens of her own who has helped people shift to caring about their future.

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