Our Vision

Are you worried about the next "joke" that will come out at a weekly meeting? Do you have a high level manager who is extremely valuable but ineffective in his sarcastic ways of "building rapport". Are you the only one who sees the dangers of demeaning talk and exclusive behavior? You are the guardian of the company's reputation and, sadly, not all employees are willing to abide by your counsel or see your in-sights.  Perhaps its the time you brought in an outside resource to elicit better behavior from your top worker.  A new voice, a coach with real world, comparable situations from other companies where top workers lost top productivity with insults, jokes, put downs, and off hand comments.  

Meet the Founder

​​Why Reclaim Your Reputation?

We help your employee develop a solid foundation of self awareness and reputation strategy so they can be successful.  They will improve their verbal and nonverbal communication and awareness of personal blindspots to diversity.  Even if they have grown up without personal experience with people of diverse backgrounds, they will learn to comfortably engage in today's inclusive, global workplace. Find out how we can help you and your employee today!

"The best part of the training was the ability to be honest and open with a neutral party who is well informed in labor laws, had points of reference to draw from, and who was personable and balanced."

                                                                                                    Linda, Non Profit Executive

Genie Sockel, Founder and Lead Coach of Reclaim Your Reputation

For 18 years, Genie coached professionals who had violated their company's Anti Harassment Policy.  From generals to fashion moguls to college athletic directors, trainees have appreciated Genie's calm, respectful approach which has invited a desire to bring more positive, respectful behavior to the workplace.  

Prior to her work as a reputation coach, Genie defended employers in discrimination and harassment matters at Seyfarth Shaw in Chicago.  She is a graduate of Georgetown Law and Yale (B.A. in Psychology). ​She lives in Atlanta with her husband, their two teens, and their dog, Seamus.